Who are we?

Finally, thanks for asking. An easy question!

We are Gloria & Elu. We are a teamwork and also a traveller couple. 

Some years ago we figured out that "normal living" was kind of not suitable for us, so we took a travel job. We enjoyed it and discovered we were confortable having a nomadic life.

Elu loves traveling and even better if she can do it with a bike and her dog! A little 8 years old boy. She really loves cycling, bikes, mechanics. Don't ask about bikes or she won't stop talking.  But not only, as she wants to travel by bike, starting from Italy all the way to... the whole wide world?

Gloria is a fantastic animal passionate. She has a thing for goats and dinosaurs, but even more for any animal that lives underwater! She wants to travel the world diving in every spot and also have the chance to help keep our environment as safe as possible. 

That's why we arrived to this idea: Elu as a creative and Gloria as a crazy route planner, collapsing together to create a great memory for anyone who loves sports, like triathlon, cycling races, marathons, trails and travels! Actually, anything that can be registered on a map, we can do it. 

We have a lot of fun getting to know your crazy travels, sport challenges and more. 

It's hard to know where we will be in the World but if you feel the need to check it out, here are our Instagrams account: 

  • Gloria: @oceangloris
  • Elu: @eluovunque

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